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Board Certified Music Therapist & Life Coach

Stephen King

As Founder of Feel Better Today and the owner of Music Therapy Specialized Services, I am invested in your success. I began this journey as a skilled musician with a desire to help people. During my graduate studies, I learned to fuse Music with Therapy, and became a Board Certified Music Therapist. Throughout my career of working with diverse populations, opportunities in Coaching presented new outlets for my skills. Through public speaking, corporate trainings, group coaching, Music Therapy, and even group therapy, I now provide a well-rounded range of services for Self-Improvement and Self-Efficacy. I enjoy helping others become Leaders and Achievers!

How May I Help You?

My services encompass the following three offerings, which may be tailored to your needs.

Music Therapy

Engaging Music Therapy is provided via In-Person services or Virtual with an online video platform. Effective for various therapeutic needs.

Training & Courses

Soft Skills Training and Self-Development courses are available for Corporate Teams or Independent Study, empowering your success.

Life Coaching

Coaching to address the Whole Person
Career, Relationship, Goal -Setting, Life Changes, Self-Transformation, Spiritual goals

Work With Me

It is my pleasure to Actively Listen to your needs and craft a pathway towards a solution. Most solutions come from within yourself. Others we will design together. As a practitioner with a background in therapy, I bring a unique perspective to coaching and training which incorporates Instructional Design with Positive Psychology resulting in transformative outcomes.

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