Living With Intention

Skipping down the sidewalk was a young man who had no worries in the world. He passed an old woman sitting on a box, who peered up as if it was painful for her neck. Arriving at the corner store, the young man purchased his favorite drink, and a water bottle. He began skipping back home, but he stopped near the old woman. “Here is a bottle of water for you, m’am.” She said thank you and hesitantly took the bottle of water. When he finally returned home, the young man’s mother asked what had happened on his trip to the store. The young man said, “I fulfilled my intention!”… somewhat confused, his Mother asked for an explanation. “You told me yesterday that I should do things with intention… almost like planning, and doing, with a purpose. I saw a commercial that said ‘Water is Life’, and when I was out I saw this old woman. She looked like she had a hard life. I gave her some Water… to have a clear life, refreshing, and simple”
This young man discovered his own definition of Living With Intention. What is yours? How will you Live With Intention during 2024?