Feel Better Today (call for Guests)

Stephen King, DBT-Informed MT-BC, and Professional Certified Life Coach, guides you gently in discovering more about yourself. While gaining insights, you also learn new ways to Cope with the challenges of life. I hope you Feel Better Today!

The Feel Better Today podcast is going on it’s 5th season. I strive to educate, inform, enlighten, and support listeners who may be considering Coaching or Therapy for personal development. In this complex world, I try to simplify the process of “Feeling Better” about yourself, your circumstance, hope for the future, and mindfulness in the present. I truly enjoy interviews and facilitating group discussions on a multitude of topics. Join me as more of these discussions are included during season 5 of the Feel Better Today podcast.
During 2024, Season 5 “Seeds of Change” will be including INTERVIEWS and GUESTS. If you think that you have a valuable contribution to this podcast, I’d love to hear about it! Are you a coach, public speaker, or therapist looking to have some exposure through podcasting: YouTube, Spotify, Apple podcasts, etc… all host Feel Better Today.

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