Stephen King, MT-BC
Life Coach & Board Certified Music Therapist

As Founder of Feel Better Today and the owner of Music Therapy Specialized Services, I am invested in your success. I began this journey as a skilled musician with a desire to help people. During my graduate studies, I learned to fuse Music with Therapy, and became a Board Certified Music Therapist. Throughout my career of working with diverse populations, opportunities in Coaching presented new outlets for my skills. Through public speaking, corporate trainings, group coaching, Music Therapy, and even group therapy, I now provide a well-rounded range of services for Self-Improvement and Self-Efficacy. I enjoy helping others become Leaders and Achievers!

We have entered into a new ERA within the helping professions. The pandemic and lock-downs introduced the concept of Virtual, Remote, and alternative methods of communication. The helping professions adopted all the same methods, offering familiar ways to access Therapy and Counseling. Society also learned that Coaching can be an effective tool for self-development, emotion regulation, and life improvement. By offering Music Therapy, Life Coaching, Corporate Training, Self-Development courses, and Digital Workbooks in addition to a Supportive Community and Live Streaming Workshops – I am empowering a culture Self-Fulfillment!

My Passion

It has long been my passion to embark on a lifelong journey focused on helping others. Sometimes this means interventions with Music Therapy – where I experienced transformations that improved lives and provided a framework for lasting therapeutic effects. The success from providing therapy has led me down a path to foster moments of inspiration and insight through Life Coaching. I’ve experienced coaching myself, through Brendan Burchard from High Performance Habits and during my own certification training with Transformation Academy. Now I’m enjoying opportunities to Train and Present for large groups as I expand into the realm of Workshops, Seminars, Corporate Training, and Webinars. I also thrive in the virtual environment of Zoom Events.

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